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The Oakland County Boat Club is a private, not-for-profit, social club and marina located in Sylvan Lake, a small community just south of Pontiac, Michigan. 

Since 1912, The Oakland County Boat Club has stood proud and tall along the waters of Sylvan Lake, providing its members a community of common interests & shared values. 

We are more than a facility or affiliation. We are a unique community with an atmosphere of friendship, fun and camaraderie. 

If you are interested in becoming a member at some future point, please feel free to email and our team will apprise you as to our process for becoming a member.

Our History

The Oakland County Boat Club was established in 1912.

The original clubhouse served as the social epicenter of Sylvan Lake. 

Local residents Frank Phillips, a piano player, and his friend Dr. Bernard TePoorten, a singer, entertained folks who visited the club every Saturday night. Couples danced, enjoyed coffee and doughnuts, and played poker while children slept on coats piled on tables not in use. 

In 1917, the present clubhouse was built on pilings, and had boat wells under the structure. Community meetings for the Sylvan Lake Council and the Garden Club were frequently held there. In the 1930's, the clubhouse was moved back seventy feet to the present location.

Powerboats dominated the club until World War II, when due to fuel rationing, sailboats took over. Every Sunday morning during the summer, a cannon would fire, heralding the start a sailboat race. Nineteen members of the club served in the armed forces.

After the war, the club returned to their annual power regattas. One or two races were held yearly until 2000.

 2330 Ferndale Ave, Sylvan Lake, MI  48320 - (248) 682-9870 -

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